You can reach Darmstadt from the north, west or south via motorway (Autobahn) A5 or A67; leave the motorway near “Darmstädter Kreuz” (“Darmstadt junction”) at the exit “Darmstadt Mitte” (“Darmstadt center”). From the east, you may use motorway A3; leave it at exit ”Aschaffenburg West/Stockstadt” and follow the signs to Darmstadt via national roads B469 und B26 (about 40 km).

In Darmstadt follow the signs „TU-Stadtmitte“, until you can see the baroque castle of Darmstadt on the left; in front of you, you will see the Welcome Hotel with the welcome building of TU Darmstadt, on the right the modern congress centre “Darmstadtium”. Turn right into ”Alexanderstraße„ between these two buildings and follow this street, that wich becomes “Dieburger Straße“ later.

The last building on the right side of the “Dieburger Straße”, just before you leave Darmstadt, at the bus stop ”Fasanerie”, is the “Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg”-house, the conference venue.

There are a few parking spacesdirectly at the house, which you can reach through the driveway behind the bus stop and directly before the “Fasaneriemauer” (“wall of the ancient pheasant garden”; see map below). You may find some more parking spaces right after the “Fasaneriemauer” to your right. If all parking spaces are occupied, please turn around back to the town and try to find a parking spaces in the residential zone nearby.

As there are not so many parking spaces near the venue, we recommend to leave them to the guests, who really need it; please try to leave your car at the hotel and use public transport.

From Darmstadt main station (“Darmstadt Hbf”), take one of the direct bus lines “F” or “F/U” to the conference venue. They depart every 15 minutes. Please note: At the main station, the bus lines “F” and “F/U” are the only ones, that depart at the west side of the station.

Take the bus to “Oberwaldhaus” passing Darmstadt city center until the bus stop “Fasanerie” (approx. 20 minutes). You may draw the ticket from a ticket machine at the main station [“Zone Darmstadt-Stadtmitte„ (city-center; code “4001”)] or buy it from the bus driver.

The bus stop “Fasanerie” is located right in front of the conference venue. Unfortunately for security reasons, the main gate is locked. Please use one of the driveways on the left or the right of the bus stop.

For more information on public transport in Darmstadt, please click here homepage public transport (RMV) (wird in neuem Tab geöffnet)

Some remarks on the public transport in the Rhine-Main-area (RMV):

  • At tram lines you have to buy your ticket before entering the tram (at ticket machines at the stops); at bus lines, you should buy at the ticket machine, too (if available and you can deal with it), but you also can buy it from the bus driver;
  • A day ticket (valid until the first hours of the next day) is cheaper than two single tickets;
  • A group ticket (up to five persons riding together) is cheaper than two single tickets;
  • The restaurant for the dinner at Thursday evening is also situated in the zone „Darmstadt-Stadtmitte“ (city-center);
  • If your hotel is not in Darmstadt-Stadmitte (city-center), your ticket may be slightly more expensive; but also buy your tickets to „Darmstadt-Stadtmitte“ (city-center).

Frankfurt Airport is about 35 km away from the conference venue.

By public transport

Between Frankfurt Airport and Darmstadt city center (Luisenplatz), there is a express bus line (line AIR) departing every half hour. Travel time is about 30 minutes. The standard single ticket costs 9.40 EUR and is valid for transfer to public transport within Darmstadt and its surrounding municipalities (as Weiterstadt, Griesheim, Pfungstadt, Nieder-Ramstadt, Ober-Ramstadt; in doubt, ask the driver when buying the ticket), too.

From Darmstadt city center (Luisenplatz) to the conference venue we recommend to use bus line F or F/U. For the rest of the journey, please see „arrival by public transport“.

For more information on express bus line “AIR”, please click here

AirLiner (Airport Shuttle) (wird in neuem Tab geöffnet)

By taxi

When using a taxi, the price may be negotiated (fixed prices for taxi within towns only). Taxi companies in Darmstadt, e.g.

Charge about 60…75 EUR for a single trip (you may book the journey in advance).

BRWB workshop location:


Dieburger Straße 241

64287 Darmstadt (Germany)