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M.Sc. Danny Wauri


Scope of Duties

Office Hours

  • On appointment


  • ELISA – Initial Analyses of Impacts of the eHighway System on Traffic Flow.
    Poster Presentation at: 3rd Electric Road Systems Conference 2019, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 7th to 8th of May 2019.
  • “ELISA” – Feldversuch zur Erprobung der eHighway-Technik auf einer öffentlichen Fernstraße.
    Presentation at: Antriebstechnisches Kolloquium ATK 2019. 13. March 2019, Aachen.
  • Projekt eHighway aus Sicht der Nutzer
    Presentation at: 2. ITS Kongress, Hypermotion. 20. November 2018, Frankfurt a. M., Germany
  • The eHighway System and Its Impacts on Traffic Flow. Presentation at: International Doctoral Seminar. 05. – 09. November 2018, Annweiler am Trifels, Germany
  • Evaluation Concept for the ELISA eHighway System Field Trial.
    Poster at: Second Conference on Electric Road Systems 2018. 13. – 14. June 2018, Arlanda Airport City, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Incident Management on Electrified Highways and Its Impact on Traffic Flow in Germany.
    Presentation at: International Doctoral Seminar. 06. – 09. November 2017, Shanghai, PR China.
  • Recommendations for Planning, Approval, Construction and Operation of an Electric Charging Infrastructure on Motorways in Germany.
    Presentation at: International Doctoral Seminar. 17. – 21. October 2016, Darmstadt, Germany.