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M.Sc. Ferdinand Schöpp


Scope of Duties

  • Assistant to the lecture Air Transport (B)
  • Assistant to the lecture Airport Planning (C) and Selected Topics of Airport Planning (C)
  • Supervision of student theses
  • Contact person for Anwendungsfach Verkehr für Informatiker
  • Webmaster for the Institute´s homepage

Office Hours

  • On appointment

Research projects

  • ELISA – Elektrifizierter, innovativer Schwerverkehr auf Autobahnen

Presentations and Conference Distributions

  • Insights into the Operation of Overhead Line Hybrid Trucks on the ELISA Test Track
    Oral Presentation elaborated by Manfred Boltze, Regina Linke, Ferdinand Schöpp, Jürgen K. Wilke, Özgür Öztürk and Danny Wauri. 4th Electric Road Systems Webinar 2020.
    (Due to Corona Pandemic ERS conference in 2020 had to be cancelled and was replaced through a webinar.)
  • Evaluation of the System eHighway from Ecological Perspective.
    Presentation at: International Doctoral Seminar. 14th to 18th of October 2019, Takashima, Japan.
  • Electrified? – Right in the thick of things!
    Presentation at: 3rd Electric Road Systems Conference 2019, 7th to 8th of May 2019, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.