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- University Assembly 2001-2007
- Committees of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
- Department Council 1998-2005 and since 2009
- Department Board for Public Relations (Chair)
- Department Financial Board
- Department Board for Doctoral Examinations and Habilitations
- University Working Group “Air Transport” 1998-2017
- Board of Directors of the Institute of Traffic and Transport
- Member since 1997
- Executive Director 1997-1999, 2002-2004, 2006-2008, 2015-2017.
- Board of Directors of the Institute of Geotechnical Engineering since 2001
- Association of Friends of the Technische Universitaet Darmstadt since 1997
FGSV – German Road Traffic and Transport Research Association since 1986
- Working Group AA 3.3 „Urban Traffic Control“ since 1999, corresponding since 2016
  - Working Group Chair 1999-2007
  - Subgroup “Parking Guidance Systems” 1993-1996
  - Subgroup “Energy Savings at Traffic Signals” (Contribution for the German Standards for Traffic Signals RiLSA 1992) 1985-1987
- Working Group AA 3.1 “Road Traffic Theory” 1997-2005
  - Subgroup “Decision-making and Optimisation Methods” 1994-2010 (Chair 1997-2005)
- Working Group AA 2.9 “Parking Management” 1991-2000
  - Subgroup “Parking in High-density Residential Areas” 1992-2000
  - Subgroup “Utilisation and Operation of Parking Facilities”, Chair 1992-1999
- Stearing Board Working Group LA 3 ‘‘Traffic Management’’ 1999-2011
- Committee K 1 “Quality Management” 2008-2011
- Committee K 3 “Design of Road Transport Facilities” 2004-2011
- Advisory Group for Fundamental Issues of Regional and Urban Transport Planning (Preparation of the German Federal Research Program on Urban Transport – FOPS) 1999-2010
- Research Advisory Board (Preparation of the Joint Research Program of FGSV and the German Federal Ministry of Transport) 2001 to 2006
- Search and Nomination Board of Max-Erich-Feuchtinger / Bruno-Wehner-Foundation since 2010
WCTRS – World Conference on Transport Research Society since 2000
- Steering Committee since 2013
- Scientific Committee since 2010
  - Topic Area Manager TA C „Traffic Operations, Management, and Control“ 2010-2013
- Chairman since 2013
- Special Interest Group SIG C2 „Urban Transport Operations“ since 2011
  - Vice Chair 2011-2013
World Road Association (PIARC/AIPCR)
- Technical Committee C4 “Interurban Roads” 2000-2004
- Technical Committee B3 “Improved Mobility in Urban Areas” 2008-2011
German Transport Research Society (DVWG) since 1992
- „ITS Hessen" (Competence Cluster for Intelligent Transport Systems in the German Federal State of Hessen) since 2010
- Steering Board Member 2010-2014
- Association of German University Professors (DHV) since 2000
- Association for Integrated Traffic and Transport Systems (FIV, Darmstadt) since foundation 1998
- Association of Road and Traffic Engineers in Hessen (VSVI) since1993
- Member of the Scientific Advisory Board to the German Federal Minister of Transport. 2009-2015
- Technology Advisory Board of the German Federal State of Hessen 2005-2012
- Scientific Advisor of ZIV – Institute for Integrated Traffic and Transport Systems Ltd. (Darmstadt) since 1998
- Member of the Advisory Board of IVU AG (Berlin) since 2006
- Editorial Board „Strassenverkehrstechnik“ (Road Traffic Engineering) since 2006
- Editorial Board of the WCTRS Book Series on Transportation Research (Elsevier) since 2016.
- Advisory Board „Der Nahverkehr“ (Urban and Regional Public Transport) 2009-2017.
- International Editorial Board „IATSS Research“ (Journal of the International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences, Japan) 2009-2012
- Numerous reviews of contributions to German and international scientific journals and conferences
- Numerous evaluation reports for research applications
- Member of about 20 Professorship Search and Nomination Committees; numerous evaluation reports on candidates for professorships
  Member of numerous Nomination Committees for Prices and Awards