Staff of the Chair

Staff of the Institute

Name Office Phone E-mail
L1|01 172-22500
L1|01 171-22500
Scientific Staff
L101 165-22513
L1|01 165-22515
L101 163-22508
L1|01 165-22514
L 101 167- 22518
L101 170-22503
L1|01 166-22511
L101 167-22506
L101 165-22510
External Doctoral Candidates
M.Sc. Le Thi HuongL|101 169-22519
M.Sc. Truong Le Xuan
Part Time Lecturers
Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Altenhein
Dr.-Ing. Owen Dieleman
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Groer
Staatsminister a.D. Lothar Klemm
Dr.-Ing. Achim Reußwig
Dr. Kai Wendler